CrossFit Open 24.2-The Full Story

CrossFit Open 24.2-The Full Story
It was the Hawaiian night theme for 24.2.

Buds and I prepared for the workout of rowing, deadlifts, and double-unders by eating well, getting adequate rest, and having a sauna on Thursday night.

Turns out none of those things were going to make 24.2 easy.

I am in the scaled division, so I did single-unders and 95 lbs on the bar. Buds judged my performance at the 7:15 a.m. class. His goal for me was to get t0 7 rounds. My goal was to get t0 5 rounds. I split the difference by getting 6 rounds plus some change.

With my workout out of the way in the morning, the focus could be on judging our friends and cheering for Buds on Friday night.

Ripply-back rowing.
Levitating 185 lb deadlifts.
Double-unders and my alien-length fingers.
Crossing my fingers that Buddie's double-unders don't go away.

The jump rope was the nemesis for many people in this workout. Even doing singles as I did, when you get tired the seemingly simple becomes treacherous.

Bud did well with his double-unders overall. He got through 6 rounds, plus the 300 meter row, the 10-185 lb deadlifts and 35 of the double-unders in the round of seven.

Another good night and only one more week to go.

The whole crowd.