Run Up To Christmas Eve 2023

Run Up To Christmas Eve 2023
We added a new tradition this Christmas

In addition to our quick visit to Vermont, and 12 Days of Fitness we had our regular Christmas traditions.

Buster and Monkey received more delectable chocolate Advent calendars than the $0.99 we'd done in past years.

Mostly a hit except for the coffee flavored chocolate.

Yessa suggested a puzzle-based Advent calendar for herself, and that was a big hit, too.

We loved putting the puzzles together each day.
Complete on Christmas Eve.

We visited the Boy Scout lot for our Christmas Tree again this year.

We hung up candy canes on a secret tree in the lot as a surprise for future patrons, another favorite tradition.

Strong man walking.

The professional knot tiers put the tree on top on a beautiful afternoon.

We added a new tradition which is going to the Eastman Museum to see the Gingerbread House displays. Buds and I did this last year, and thought the kids would enjoy it, too.

After awhile, Buds and Buster headed off to explore the gallery exhibition side of the museum while the ladies continued on into the mansion to see the beautifully decorated rooms.

After we'd heard some organ music and explored all the mansion rooms, we made our way to the galleries to find the rest of the family, and to dive into the "Southern Rites" exhibit.

You can click the link to read more about the touring exhibit. It's really well done, and I'll encourage you to read more by mentioning that the town in Georgia where the artist spent years taking photographs and talking to people, had segregated proms until 2010. Black Prom and white Prom. White kids could go to both proms. 2010.

It only gets more distressing from there.

Difficult as the exhibit was to go through, it provided great fodder for discussion as we wrapped up our time at the Museum.

Back home we eventually got the tree and house all decorated for the season.

This house is such a delight to decorate. It feels so cozy and filled with the holiday spirit.

Next up: Christmas Eve!