Twelve Days Of Fitness

Twelve Days Of Fitness
We're in orange. Easy to spot...

We love a partner workout and we love a themed one. Yesterday we got both.

Just like the song, you build your way up with the very last round being all 12 movements. We each had to do all the movements, i.e. each of us did 22 wall walks, we each did 40 deadlifts.

The time cap was 40 minutes and we thought that was ample time; until the shoulders wear out and the heart rate is 160 and you still have the round of 12 left.

Phew. It was a lot and we had a great time.

There were 15 teams and only 4 finished, and we were one of them. We scaled several of the movements and worked hard.

Final time: 38:58 and grateful to get there.

Getting ready to kick things off.
I like this crowd. 🎄💖