Five Hours To Better Driving

Five Hours To Better Driving

Yessa is one hour into the online class she's required to take. This is the final hurdle before she can schedule her road test to get her license.

She's been driving for many months now with her permit and her driving instructor, Coach M, has been impressed with how much more comfortable she is behind the wheel.

A recent session- the driving instructor parked on the line, not Yessa. 😁

So far in the class there have been a couple "here's why you wear your seatbelt" videos of crashes to keep it interesting, insight on the driving test, and statistics on teen drivers.

One surprising note, the instructor said they are not called, "accidents" any more, but "crashes." Since above 96% of crashes are driver error, they are not "accidents."

More info. to come.

You can tell it's winter by the number of blankets in the picture.