Two of our coaches high fivin'

Today was the end of our quarterly competitor track crossfit training program. This is extra-credit fitness work to tuckpoint the cracks in our fitness. We ended the quarter with a little friendly competition.

The last few months have been challenge. Ginnie's been away with family responsibilities; I've been home with the rest of the family responsibilities. And I've also been home with a racking cough that didn't depart for a month. The past several weeks I've been only going to Crossfit twice a week with Buster while my cold has insisted on sitting on my chest and slowly choking me out during any long workout.

There were a dozen or so people in the program but only six showed up for the competition. Here's a video ripped straight off Instagram. Imagine a jazzy soundtrack. Now imagine I love you enough to strip out that soundtrack before you lost your sanity.


We showed up at 8am to do three workouts in a row. They were...

Gwen: 15-12-9 unbroken clean and jerks. Rest a minute or two between each round. Highest weight wins. A good workout for a power athlete. Which I am. 137# was the best on the day.

Love ya, Gwen

Angie with a twist: Next up was 50-40-30-20-10 of double under jump rope, sit-ups and alternating single legged squats. The squats made this diabolical. My left leg was good but my recovering right knee required modifications. Final time was 20:20.

Not so much, Angie

Death by... Rig. Any movement on the pull-up rig. Start at one and increase by one rep each minute. These "death by" workouts are like willingly running into a wall. There's not much resistance then suddenly wham. My chosen wall was toes to bar. It's a historic weakness and I got up through the round of 12.

Toes to bar, ugh

The reminder is some things, like fitness, are like riding a bike. (That's probably too literal a metaphor.) But it is possible to take a month off something you're very experienced at and and have that feel more like recovery than regression.