He Sounds Like A Great Guy!

He Sounds Like A Great Guy!

An unknown number from British Columbia showed up on my phone today, and because I have been helping Mom schedule all her appointments and take care of business, I'm answering calls from all numbers, even if I don't recognize it.

I always answer my phone with, "Hello, this is Ginnie." and the male voice at the other end said, "This is probably a wrong number. Is Chris there?"

I also regularly get business calls for Buds and I always feign ignorance.

"He is not," I replied. "You have the wrong number."

"You aren't with Juice Analytics, are you?"

I can honestly answer, "No, I'm not."

And then this lovely sounding man went on.

"Do you get a lot of calls for Chris?" he asked.

"I do! He sounds like a great guy, but I do get a lot of calls for him."

"It's because he's a founder and CTO of Juice Analytics. If you want the calls to stop, you need to contact Zoominfo.com. It's the largest harvesting database for business information and somehow your number has gotten connected to him."

I thanked him profusely, and the best part of this story is that this is the second time I've talked to this same man, and he gave me all this same information the last time, but I neglected to write the website down. Those darn Canadians are so helpful.

Message sent to Zoominfo this time, and hopefully I'll quit getting calls for this Chris guy.

Okay, maybe I know him a little. 😘