2nd Graduation Celebration!

2nd Graduation Celebration!

Edit: Contains video. Watch at the website.

Grandma Iowa was here.

Kel and Kate made the drive down. (Paula and Bets were at a basketball tournament.)

Our friends who were able to be vaccinated were vaccinated.

It was time to cheer Monkey’s graduation with a second celebration!

We started the day with some coffee, as per usual.

She wanted to make macaroni and cheese in a variety of styles to share with loved ones, so she and Buds began work on that.

Bacon for the mac-n-cheese.

Buds needed a rest in the midst of preparations.

Monkey wanted a vanilla cake with frosting on the side so folks could frost as they chose…or not.

Kel and Katoots cutting up fruit and making frosting.

We recycled the “Class of 2021” banner Teresa had at the first celebration.

Kel arranged the bouquet and Fi brought more roses later. (Roses are Monkey’s favorite flower.)

And with all the extra helping hands to pull everything together, Kel and I even found time to wander at Cheekwood for a couple hours on the beautiful, sunny morning.

As another German speaker we love, Kel came through with an awesome gift by sharing many of her German books purchased in her years living in Austria. Paula did the awesome tetris job of perfectly packing them into the boxes.

Then more friends arrived and the fun got rolling.

Delicious food, delightful games, laughter, stories, and celebration.

It was a great kick-off to the summer.

Mocha even wanted in on playing corn hole.

We had a surprise fly-over to add to the evening.

It was a lovely final celebration for our first high school graduate.