Team Gems + Diamond Dan

Living rent free

Together now!

Forty two thousand, one hundred ninety-five meters
Forty two thousand, one hundred ninety-five meters so dear
Forty two thousand, one hundred ninety-five meters
How do you measure, measure a row?

Our Crossfit gym hosted Row-tober, a charity event for Make-a-wish Rochester. Row-tober featured teams of four who would collaboratively row a marathon. That meant, ahem, 42,195 meters.

We had signed up a crew from the Avondale house. But Moxie was sick and Buster had just done another Crossfit workout that shattered his legs into 1000 pieces. So Ginnie and I ventured in alone, hoping to pick up some help. Help we received in the form of freelancer "Diamond" Dan, a well muscled mountain of a man. That still left us a team of three.

We were short a team-member but well prepared with loads of snacks to share, drinks to hydrate, and confidence that we could escape the three hour thirty minute time cap.

Dan gets us going
Rowing, not giving birth

There was great joi de vivre; we were next to an all-Brazilian team. So you know they knew how to cheer.

Eu sou brasileiro, com muito orgulho, com muito amor.

The hours ticked by. We started with trading off 1000 meters. Eventually those numbers declined. Kelly was kept in-the-loop with shots of Ginnie's watch.

Half way

Cheering continued.

Let's go!!

Coach Tyler jumped in for a welcome few rounds with us.

Until finally, the end was in sight. 4k meters, 3k, 2k, and finally Dan who had been getting a little stronger all day, finished with some power.

Dan blasts us to the finish.

We were tired.

And then extra joy, Ginnie got to be an honorary Brazilian.

Honorary Brazilian

Like with all well-done CrossFit gatherings, no matter your fitness level, you have a place. Lots of laughter, a nice amount of money to donate ,and another story in the chain of CrossFit memories.

The whole crew