Wrap and Recap: The 2024 Crossfit Quarterfinals

Wrap and Recap: The 2024 Crossfit Quarterfinals

The final scores are out and I'm nestled between Stephane Lafreniere and Scott Stefl. I finished 541st out of the 1385 men (60.9%) who qualified and chose to do the quarterfinals. 9527 men entered the open so that puts me at 94.32%. The top 25% were offered the chance to move on to quarterfinals this year, so a larger field at the second level.

Last year 8562 men entered the open and I was at 95.87% when the 2023 open was over. Only the top 10% moved on in competition to the second level that year and I finished 353/ 571 out of those (beating 38.2%).

The important place to look is in that last column. I came in at 118th IN THE WORLD for my age range in that event. If only all the events were about a heavy barbell.

I completed that workout twice because I failed a rep in the first one, and I knew I could pace it better if I had another go at it. I was right. The second time was faster, cleaner, and I was glad to improve.

Now time for a little rest and a trip.