Polska Chata

Polska Chata

With Yessa in Italy, it felt fair to at least take Monkey and Buster out for dinner. Buds and I had been wanting to try the restaurant upstairs from the Polish grocery store, so off to Polska Chata we drove on a snowy Friday night. During Lent they have a fish fry every Friday, so there were lots of folks popping in to grab their orders for carryout, and the dining room was hopping upstairs. I was very glad I had called to get us a reservation earlier in the week, though I hadn't really thought it would be necessary. I was very wrong that it wouldn't have been necessary. They turned away couples as we were enjoying our meal.

It is such a charming little spot. Three rooms downstairs house the "grocery" part of the operation. The husband of the couple that owns and runs the place is always at the cash register/deli counter, ready to greet you with a smile and a kind word. The wife/chef is vegan so there are lots of options for meal and plant eaters alike.

The restaurant upstairs was like stepping back into our trip to The Dolomites or Germany. We talked about our trips and memories as we waited for our food.

Buster's oversized schnitzel.
Buds went for "lighter" fare. Potato pancakes covered in goulash.
Snickers cake for dessert.
A snickers cake for dessert.

We were all pleasantly full by the end, with many leftovers of meals and desserts. We're planning a repeat visit when Yessa is home for our end-of-the-semester celebratory dinner.

Good times.❤️❤️❤️