Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

My grief is growing sharper as we near our final day.

Coffee with Teresa this morning. Dinner with cousins last week. Lunch with Fi today.

The final visits and accepting the help people are so willing to give. Staying at Z and A’s on one of the days filled with showings. They kept Mocha on another day. Monkey stayed with Teresa and Jeremy for nearly a week to get some of the quiet and consistency she was sorely missing. The rest of us also were welcome to hang there when we needed to be out of the house.

Best neighbor Lou kept the cats one day and hosted Buster and Yessa and the cats on another day.

Other best neighbor Ken is going to safeguard the house for us.

Buddie’s sister has offered to help with unpacking on the northern side of the journey. (We’re going to hire help on that side of things lest we all come away wanting to burn down the house with all our stuff in it. Four floors is awesome once everything is moved in. 😏)

So many people have offered to help and stopped to give us their best wishes. Turns out neighbors love that we wave at them every time they drive by. 💕💕

Buddy Shatona sent me this gorgeous bracelet yesterday knowing I needed to feel loved, but didn’t need more to move. It makes me smile everytime I look at it. 🥰

And so many of you have checked in and shared your excitement for us with us.

I’m grateful for every single bit of it.

The tears have started to flow more easily and that’s a sign of the easy love that also flows.

One more day…