Yessa Goes To Italy- The Vatican- Day 3

Yessa Goes To Italy- The Vatican- Day 3
Notice the dome in the background.

Another day of touring, this time the Vatican. Like the Coliseum, she has no memory of having been to these places before, so what a joy that she gets a chance to create new memories.

Same dome in the background, Yessa in 2015.

Another hit for this tour. The art is so beautiful. Lots of people, and another good tour guide. Yessa had more to tell me, but she'll have to add her own notes later.

Yessa took this picture.
My SIL and I in the same courtyard 22 years ago! I look like I was playing the guided tour for Baby Monkey in my tummy. 😆
Delightful dinner, delightful companions.
Kel and Paula went to the Pantheon, but the girls decided not to go.

Their last full day in Rome. Tomorrow they head to Florence.