Coffee + Crossfit 24.3

Coffee + Crossfit 24.3
Look at that cutie customer.

Buds started the tradition last year and we're back at it with 24.3. But this year we're in the new space and instead of a tiny space behind some box jumps, we actually have a bar and a sink and space to make coffee perfection.

Lists and piles began last night.
Some of the supplies we'll be using.

Buds and I headed to the box around 10 to get set up what we could. We'll head back over soon with the freshly ground coffee. Renee and Victor are coming to be baristas with us.

The first heat of the workout is at 4:30. Buds will compete in the 4:55 heat, then make coffee the rest of the night with us.

The workout is a doozy.

Good thing Buddie loves thrusters.

Lots more to come soon.

Enjoy your night. We sure will be. You can find us here:

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