A Victory In Depth

A Victory In Depth
Two of my loves resting after the workout.

Due to some medical issues, I have not been able to squat to full depth for over a year. I've been working on PT consistently, sometimes feeling forward progress, sometimes feeling like it is all for nothing.

Last night at CrossFit I was able to do full depth squat cleans. It was amazing.

Gina had mentioned doing full squats last weekend. I was inspired by her sharing that, and suddenly today, there mine were. Back from whatever foreign land where they had been visiting.

I've been telling Buddie I'm on the "Usain Bolt training plan."

It hasn't taken quite four years, and my path to full healing is still ongoing, but I'll take this victory with gratitude and joy.

I started to cry from shock and disbelief. Buds and Buster were lifting in front of me and came to hug me, and then Coach Kaley came over to check on me, and she got teary-eyed, too.

It's good to be with people who understand.

May you have all have victories today. The form, the shape, the size, the depth; it doesn't matter. Success is for you to decide.