Another Pinprick of Grief

Another Pinprick of Grief

The phone that contained all the text messages from Brother Steven was broken several years ago. It actually was broken a couple times. The first time I dropped it, I wrote about it. That was a little over a year after Steven died.

I kept using the phone because it worked fine. The glass shards didn't cut me, and I didn't want to get a new phone.

I had all that time to save Steven's text messages, but instead I would just look back at them and remember him.

Then I dropped the phone again.

It still turned on, but at this point Buds insisted a new phone was required. Not sure why. 😏 I was so hopeful that Steven's text messages would transfer over to the new phone.

They did not.

The old, broken phone sat around for the next 2 years. I always knew where it was because I planned on taking it get the text messages retrieved if it could be done.

Two weeks ago I took it to a store called, "UbreakIfix." The tech dude seemed hopeful that a new screen would solve the problem.

It did not.

I picked up the shattered phone yesterday and now I'm grieving that last hope, those memories that have disappeared forever. I could pay $500-600 dollars for data retrieval, but that does not seem like a great decision.

Instead I'll hang on to my memories of who he was and how he loved to text and that on his phone he kept notes about the people he met and the people he loved, and what a gift it was when my niece found those notes upon his death.

Those memories can't be shattered.