Yessa's A Licensed Driver!

Yessa's A Licensed Driver!

The process began over a year ago, and it is all worth it now! Yesterday Yessa passed her driving test on the first try.

She took the test in the early afternoon, but didn't learn the results until the evening after logging into a special website to see her score. Buds, Buster, and I were at CrossFit when I got this message from her:

As if I was going to wait until we got home to learn the results?! So, I left class to give her a call, and she told me the fantastic news.

I had a congratulatory text from her driving instructor this morning. He sang her praises about how far she has come since those very first drives last year. He was such a great fit for her with his calm, honest, supportive style.

Actually, I guess the driving practice began long ago.

Congratulations, Yessa! May you love driving and the freedom it offers.