What Brought You Joy This Week?

What Brought You Joy This Week?

A few weeks ago I watched a video from a woman saying someone had said to her, "Have you lost weight?" as the start to a conversation; the least interesting, most semi-offensive question to ask someone. She ran through a litany of glorious, intriguing, connecting questions that could be asked instead to deep relationships, strengthen connections, gain insight into the load or delight someone is carrying.

I took that to heart and have been asking people what has brought them joy lately, or what they have been doing for fun, or what are they proud of from their week.

My gosh, what a cascade of information I have learned! You can probably hear my extrovert battery thrumming with overloaded circuits wherever you are.

I learned how two young friends finally started dating after months of missed connections. I heard about another friend returning to refereeing basketball and that they used to ref Division 1 basketball! Another friend told me of the book she was reading, another of a glorious birthday weekend adventure in the Adirondacks, another of their first week at work and the patient that reminded them of their grandpa. Another friend passed her Nursing Boards! One friend had a death in the family and I was glad to sit with them in sorrow for a bit.

I'm so incredibly grateful to be trusted with people's stories. What a gift.

Here's the video if you'd like to see it, too.