The House That Memories Built

The House That Memories Built
The second house in the country that my parents built.

The house my parents built after I went away to college is for sale. It’s where they were living when I took Buds home to meet the family the first time.

I’d known him two weeks and I didn’t know how to say his last name.

This was also the house where we opened our wedding presents the day after our wedding 18 months later.

As my nephew said, “It’s like a time capsule.” Nothing has changed inside the house, but they did add on a solarium. And maybe painted. 🤔

The years of memories are so rich from this home. It wasn't the house I grew up in, but for many of my nieces and nephews, it is the house they remember when they think about time with Mom and Dad. Brother Steven and his family lived right up the hill from this house, and my brother George's family lived just a couple miles away. I didn't appreciate it at the time, but it was a place of safety and welcome and so many great memories.

I grabbed screenshots from Zillow from the home's most recent sale in 2023, and found corresponding shots from when our family lived there. You'll be able to see how timeless things were.

Ragsbottom and niece P snuggled in together.
Little G and Grandpa 😍
Gathering the weekend of our wedding. NO idea what we were watching on TV?!
The basement kitchen
So many holiday meals and celebrations.

I'm trying on the wedding dress I borrowed from a friend for our upcoming July wedding. The two large square presents behind me hold the sleeping bags my parents gave Buds and me for Christmas that year, 1994. My dad explained to me, "They zip together to make a double sleeping bag."

So embarrassing. ☺️

Notice this couch.
Brandie the dog had many visits to this house.
Here's that couch in our condo in Delaware several years later. My parents must have "gifted" it to us in our Indiana house and we moved it to DE.
So many weekends this quartet spent in this house. 😍😍
Can you see Brandie tucked by my feet under the table?

College and grad school friends spent many hours in this house with me, too.

So many memories. I hope the new owners find joy, laughter, and love here.

The first time I brought Buddie home. So many adventures ahead.