Christmas Day 2023

Christmas Day 2023

Buds and I were first up, as has been the case for many years now. We kicked off the day with coffee, list making, and recipe searching.

Christmas Day is always cinnamon rolls, cheesy pull-apart bread, and whatever else sounds delicious to us. Yessa was next up and she jumped in to help with the cinnamon rolls.

Non-vegan and vegan rolls, ready to rise.
Frosting prep.

Once everyone was up, with possibly a nudge or two, we sorted presented, feasted on rolls, and got ready to open gifts.

We choose the "milk train" version of present opening; one present at a time, going up and down the ladder by age.

All sorted and ready to open.

The kids felt like the presents were abundant this year. In part this was because as my mom packed for her move she would see an item and say, "Oh, Monkey would like that. Take that to her." "Buster will find that funny." "Yessa needs my mixer." Additionally, when Buds and I had our quick visit to Vermont shortly before Christmas, Buddie's mom had some items she thought would suit our kids, too, so several very thoughtful, family heirloom-adjacent gifts.

Mocha's ball was the very first thing opened, because of course it was.
Buds received a new linen shirt in preparation for our trip to Spain.
Monkey's big present was an Egyptian pyramid.

As the new semester begins and the children grow busy with class and jobs and lives that expand beyond our home and family, Buds and I like to find ways to have time with each kiddo when we can. This year we offered them each a chance for an outing with just us. As is the case with our funny crew, opening the present wasn't a simple task.

Buster got a pro-level controller.

Each of the children received an antique tea cup from a grandma, and Buster received a Japanese tea set that Buddie's mom managed to bring back all the way from Japan without breaking a single cup.

You can see the unique square shape and wrapped handle here.

After opening and opening and snacking and laughing, the rest of the day unfolded organically. Buds and I relaxed and watched the family enjoy their gifts.

Monkey got started right away on building the pyramid.

Mocha was exhausted from all the burble of emotions.

Final Advent calendar chocolates and the 1000 piece puzzle was complete.

Tough to tell, but that's a Christmas tree.
Always time for a Christmas hug.

It was a magical, relaxed day. And at the end of it, we began the prep and cleaning for leaving early, early for the drive to Iowa on December 26. But that's a post of its own.

Cat-free bedding preparation so that when Kel arrives for New Year's Eve, the bed for her and Paula will be all ready. But that's a different post, too. ❤️❤️