This is an assortment of family conversations I don’t want to lose. For some obvious reasons, I’m not going to write out a full account of all of them, but there should be enough to jog my memory in years to come.

**As Buster and Yessa helped unload the van after Buds and I returned home with all the necessary items for running the coffee bar at 23.3, Buster looked at the piles of items, and delivered this clear-eyed zinger.

“Are you capable of joining a group without becoming a foundational member?”

I think the signs would point to no.


**Monkey and I had a fun, hilarious, and joyful conversation about sex, for which I will be forever grateful. The honest rationality of that kiddo is a terrifying delight.

**And finally, I was enjoying a book in the family room when I heard a clattering explosion out in the kitchen. Yessa and Buster got to witness Bud’s shakarito coffee exploding all over. I chose to sit and listen to the clean up efforts from my cosy spot.

We’re still finding coffee splotches in surprising places.

**Turns out this kiddo loves shoveling snow.

So much to laugh about and treasure. I take none of it for granted.