It Takes So Little

It Takes So Little

Monkey decided she was going to live at home this semester, which means the mini-fridge she had in her apartment on campus could be used as a porch fridge for extra drinks and cold snacks for the delivery folks.

The family had sent me a picture of the Amazon package that arrived with the "Thanks for the drinks" note written on top while I was staying at Mom's. That brought me a burst of gratitude.

The pickings had gotten a little sparse while I was away since it it is mostly my project, so after a trip to Costco to restock on snacks and drinks, we filled it up and added a note letting the delivery folks know there were fresh supplies inside.

Then, yesterday, another lovely thing happened. I happened to be near the front door when an Amazon packaged was being delivered. I thanked the gentleman who handed it off to me, and asked if he'd like a snack. He said he would, and then he said,

"I kept hoping I'd get this house on my route, but it's been weeks since it's come up that I have a package to come here."

I replied, "Well, just come by anytime, even if you don't have to deliver a package here."

"That doesn't seem fair," he said.

"Oh, my gosh," I burst out. "Of course it's fair. You stop and get something any time you want."

We chatted a little longer and after he chose something to take with him, he was on his way.

Imagine that. He was worried about somehow taking more than his share. This hard-working soul who goes out into the heat and rain and cold. We're so gratified that anyone chooses to even take a minute to look in the little fridge or to pick some snack from the top; it feels like the least we can do to thank them for their good work.

Plus, setting things out here is so easy! In Nashville on the hottest days, I would haul a cooler with cooler packs and drinks and snacks up to the road next to our driveway! Plus, with this set up here, our family feels free to partake of the cold drinks and snacks off the front porch, so we are certainly not deprived in any way.

May we always have a way to make other people feel valued and respected. If a bottle of water and a little chocolate does that, all the better.

Plain water beats out the fancy La Croix. Who would have guessed.