Buster Joins The Cult

Buster Joins The Cult
He's kept that fantastic squat all these years.

Way back in Reston, Buster was part of CrossFit kids, along with Monkey. (Yessa would sometimes pop in and out of a game, but she still preferred to stay by my side and watch.)

Buster's squat was unparalleled even back then, but he did have one speed back in those days. This meant that generally a coach was assigned to him to keep him moving through the activity.

Coach Maggie encouraging that tight core during ring rows.
Coach Mel trying to get him to keep on crawling.
Coach Mehdi giving him full attention.

This picture with Mehdi reminds me that Buster also had the habit of holding the face of the person he was talking to. Luckily the coaches took it for the tactile, loving habit it was.

Life has come full circle, and Buster decided he wanted to join Buds and me at CrossFit as an adult. We've now had multiple classes together, and though I keep forgetting to take pictures, I can confirm that it is even more fun to have adult Buster working out by my side as it was to cheer for youngster Buster.

It's also given me another reason to fall in love with Buds all over again. His loving support and encouragement as Buster learns all these new skills, but also his willingness to be impressed and inspired by Buster's athletic skills. There's no competitiveness between these men.

"Ginnie, he sometimes puts together a lift that is as smooth as a long-time CrossFitter."

On Friday, I moved my bar to the opposite end of the box from Buds and Buster for the weightlifting section. I wanted to be able to observe, and I knew my input would not be needed. It was a lot of squatting, changing weights, and prescribed 10 second rest in between lifts. In other words, confusing to a new lifter.

Buds faced Buster and they mirrored each other through the lifts so that Buster could have a good role model, but also focus on good form, not worrying about the specifics.

As Coach Kaley walked to my end she said, "I love to see parents and kids working out together. It makes me so dang happy."

Me too, Kaley. Me, too.

Young Buster would be impressed.