Sweet, round, brown

Sweet, round, brown
Who dat?

What was I thinking of. More to the point, what were you thinking of?

We have well over a hundred blog posts in the backlog here at Mommie2zs HQ. Sometimes just a title, sometimes more.

  • Sweet, round, brown
  • The Lightning Thief
  • Sur-prices
  • So much and so little
  • Zambonied
  • Traaadittttion! Tradition!

So I'm stealing this enigmatic, steamy, mysterious post from that backlog and using it for an update.

After nearly a month, Ginnie will be returning home for a ten day stay. We're working through some medical issues with Babs in Iowa that require intensive support. But there's a window and things are going well and we've found a chance to regroup.

Pips, Gins, Babs, Cats

We're going to surprise her at the airport at half past midnight. Unsurprisingly, we've already ruined the surprise.