Buster will be joining us three days a week at Crossfit Park Avenue. The process for getting started is taking two hour long "fundamentals" classes. It's a chance to learn the terminology, methodology, and other -ologyies that make up Crossfit. Buster got 1:1 instruction with Tyler, one of the head coaches at CFPA. The first class focused on fundamental movements; rowing, squatting, kettlebell swinging, jumping, and pressing.


Buster's squats were subject to much admiring tongue-clucking. He's always had amazing flexibility and is a natural and comfortable squatter.

The class wound up with a mini "WOD" (Workout of the day). Three rounds of rowing, box step-ups, and thrusters. Ginnie and I remember our first workouts well, how light they were and yet how completely wiped out we were.


Buster navigated the challenge smoothly and sweatily. One more fundamentals class next week (olympic lifts, gymnastics, and the pullup bar) and then he'll be our comrade in arms and legs.

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