Flies like a Banana

Flies like a Banana

We've added a new bike to the stable. It's yellow.

Is this it?

Buster bikes

Nope; and wow, I didn't remember that bike at all.

Is this it?

Italy 2005?

Yum! But no, that's not it.

Is this it?

Very cool, DHL

No, I'm not a European delivery driver. But we are getting warmer.

Here we go. It's a yellow Juiced CrossCurrent X Step-Through.

The pannier bags are there to keep down the sex appeal

After my dentist trip a few weeks ago, I started fantasizing about something a little more sporty.

This bike hit all the high points:

  • Long range: 60+ miles
  • Hydraulic brakes: a real game changer, reliable and low maintenance.
  • Cadence and torque sensor: The harder you pedal the more power you get.
  • Hub drive: Less expensive than the higher end mid-drives and simultaneously more functional because you can press a lever and get instant acceleration.
  • Cool name: Juiced bikes.

I replaced the front mountain bike style handlebars with these dragonfly bars and it just feels delightful.

This morning, I got out for a journey of pleasant trails and new sights scouting for your visit.

37 miles