This Is 53.

This Is 53.
Yessa had breakfast waiting for us when we got home from CrossFit.

I'll write more tomorrow about the full day. We're all going out to dinner tonight, and there will be laughter and stories and so very much love with my favorite humans.

But just now, I had a moment.

I've spent the morning working on taking care of issues for Babs. As some of you know, she fell a few weeks ago, and is in rehab for now. My brother and I have been tag-teaming on taking care of necessary decisions.

That's what 53 looks like; caring for a much-loved parent.

Then I ran upstairs to work with Yessa to log into her account to pay her Fall Semester Tuition bill. Then downstairs with Monkey to pay her semester fees.

That's what 53 looks like; paying for kiddos' college fees.

I picked up the mail off the porch, and there was that annual offer letter from AARP, and I think this year I might take them up on that offer.

That's also what 53 looks like; thinking about the next stages in my life, and where to get information (and discounts. 😆)

But the best part so far today has been getting a call from my 80 y.o. Mom to hear her singing "Happy Birthday" as she does for lots of us every year. And texts and messages from my loved ones near and far.

That's 53; accepting with gratitude and grace the people who have chosen to love me.

And I slept an extra 17 minutes this morning before biking to CrossFit for a workout that humbled yet invigorated.

For non-CrossFitters, the important part was trying to get 10+ reps in each section. There were 4 sections. I got 19 in my first and then fell slowly off the cliff, getting 5, 3, and 2 in my last three sections. That's CrossFit; you think you are doing fine, then you get a foot to the face and a punch to the kidneys.

This is also 53; being a CrossFitter and being stronger tomorrow than I was today.

Now please excuse me while I go sign up for AARP. They are sending me a free cooler.