Red Fern

Red Fern
My burrito wrap. 

I chose Red Fern, a 100% vegan restaurant for my birthday dinner. It's a lovely treat for me to be able to read a menu and choose what I'd like to eat, rather than decipher a menu, figuring out what can be left out of a dish to make it work. The whole family was very willing to go there, recognizing they might be trying new things, or deciphering the menu to figure out what they would want to eat.

It was a beautiful August evening, and we enjoyed the walk through the gorgeous Rochester city blocks, chatting about hobbies and architecture and life.

We sat outside where I could watch the people go by as we talked about the Little Library style we'd each prefer to go in our front yard.

What do we like?

The conversation delightful, the food delicious, the weather perfect. It was a splendid birthday outing.

Buds' cheesesteak
Yessa and Buster both got ABLTs. (Avocado, bacon, lettuce, tomato) The sweet potato salad was great, although the mashedness of it was a surprise.
Monkey stuck with mashed potatoes, gravy, and a smoothie.

Not being a cake eater, the dessert options were a delight for me as well.

Rainbow sugar cookie.
Densely rich brownie.
Summer fruit cobbler.

And after the dinner, the relaxing walk home on a cool August evening.

So many beautiful gardens to walk by.

There were also some surprise gifts. Yessa found puzzles that were places we had visited on our Portugal trip.

Porto-we walked across that bridge and dodged that tram to watch the sunset.
Lisbon-She picked this one because it is a similar style to the art we brought back to commemorate our trip.
Buds chose this from the Morse Museum in Orlando, truly one of my favorite museums in the world. I do not say that lightly.

As I've aged, birthdays are less important in many ways, BUT, I do appreciate having a day where I can choose what is a favorite thing or two just for me. This year was perfect for that. And I did my birthday burpees the day before, so that felt good, too.

Thanks for catching the shot, Monkey. All my favorite people, and wearing my Cash shirt.

Monkey's birthday comes next! Then we're through with birthdays for awhile. This was a good one for me.