"Stealthy" Squats

"Stealthy" Squats

I’ve got the new glasses, so be prepared for a torrent of blog posts over the next days and weeks.

For tonight, I want to highlight a recent post of Buddie’s called “1, 2, 3…”

In that post Buddie claims that, “While we visited our friends K+P, I maintained a quiet, stealthy 400 squats per day.”

This misinformation needs to be cleared up.

He might have thought he was being “stealthy,” but by the end of our visit, we were all referring to him with his new nickname of “Squatty Potty.”

Sometimes shortened to “Squatty.”

So much for stealthy.

Even though he wasn’t ninja squatting, it was a very impressive feat, all those squats.

This is Buds being stealthy like Pharaoh.