Fun At The Airport

Fun At The Airport

There was a time when I moved to Indiana to work with Todd at Purdue University and Buds was still working in St. Louis at Bridge.

When he would fly over to be with me on some weekends, I would try to keep his life interesting by picking him up at the airport in some fun new way. (My definition of fun. He may not have agreed, but he had already put up with me for a long time, so went along with a willing spirit.)

When the girls and I were up at Mom’s this last time, in with the Christmas decorations was one of my signs from that time.

That was the time I went to Goodwill to try and find a wedding dress to pick him up in, but I couldn’t find one, so instead I just went with putting together an outfit that looked like a tuxedo and carried the sign and flowers to meet him at the gate.

(Back in those days you could wander around in the airport at will. One memorable time the school counselor from the elementary school where I taught came upon Buds and me waltzing at my gate as he waited with me for my plane to jet me off to spend Spring Break with Saffi and Barton.)

On another occasion I met him with flowers, balloons, and this sign.

Those were such joyful times and we had no idea the joy and adventures that were ahead for us.