Lessons From All Around

Lessons From All Around

The people I live with are always teaching me so much.

Two recent events with the daughters were great reminders of this. And one hilarious moment with the son that reminded me how much he is like Buddie.

1) A couple weeks ago, Buster was having a period of existential angst. (His words, not mine.) I talked with him for awhile, then Monkey went in to talk to him. He later told me, “No offense, Mom, but talking with Monkey helped more.”

I visited with Monkey later to learn what I could do differently next time.

Ahh, the lovely, loving honesty of youth when it is safe to be honest, “Well, Mom, you often try to fix things. Sometimes you just need to listen.”

Yup. Totally true.

2) Yesterday morning Buds and I went for a hike/run at the state park near our house. I told Yessa about it and she asked me to wake her up so she could go with us.

She had blisters on both feet from a 5 mile hike she had done with Lindyne and me the day before so when the morning came, I chose not to wake her up.

She was frustrated and angry with me. I apologized and explained my perspective, and she remained angry for a good long while.

When we finally really settled down to talk, I truly listened. (Hmmm, I’m sensing a theme here.)

I explained my concerns about her blisters and her response was, “It wasn’t your decision to make.”

Yup. Totally true.

It was said in a balanced, kind, direct, honest way.

She was so, so right.

3) And finally, the funny Buster.

I went in for my good night hug. As I was hugging him, I said, “I am so glad you are my kiddo.”

He patted me with one hand and said, “There, there.” in that disinterested “Oh, Mom” voice. We both cracked up.

Ahh, the laughter, and the honesty, and the true connection.

Always grateful for it.

“Not Back To School” picture with visiting Boss.