Coming of Age for Monkey and Buster

The two eldest helped present the service at church today as the culmination of the many, many hours they and Buds have spent going through the Coming of Age Curriculum. Designed to help Unitarian Universalist youth understand UU history and their own UU faith, the three of them did a tremendous job pulling meaning and value where they could from this curriculum about which they all had mixed feelings.

Buster presented first of our two:

Here’s the video he created to go with his presentation:

And here’s his presentation:

Monkey went last of all the youth presenting and she was the perfect capstone for the service.

Here’s the slideshow she created to supplement her presentation:

And here’s her presentation:

I was proud of how well they presented themselves, and even more I was proud of them choosing how they were going to respect their internal values and opinions and not just follow the dictates that were handed down.

They shared honestly and openly what they chose to share and the congregation loved it.