Let The 🌞 Shine In.

Let The 🌞 Shine In.

The far corner of our hearth room was dark and uninviting. We’d tried different furniture arrangements, different lamps, and we talked to Weston about installing a tube skylight.

Weston suggested a window, which we immediately recognized as the right decision.

This all happened while K&B were here in April, so we’ve been enjoying the window for over a month now.

Before it all began.
Weston’s home made scaffolding.
Weston tried to tell me not to put his scaffolding on the blog because it wasn’t perfect. I told him perfection is not part of our story anyway.
Indoor cutting begins.
Framed up inside.

The process for taking out, and then putting back, brick is slow and painstaking. At least it is if you are doing to do a stellar job like Weston does.

It changes the whole feel of that end of the room, and makes the whole main living space feel better.

Another Weston success story.