We had a Hero workout at CrossFit today.


Background: Created in memory of fallen officer Jonathan “JD” De Guzman. “JD” was with the San Diego Police Department Elite Gang Suppression Team. De Guzman – a 16-year veteran of the force – was shot and killed on July 28, 2016 while he and his partner, SDPD Officer Wade Irwin, were on duty in San Diego’s Southcrest community. De Guzman is survived by his wife and two kids.
“He was a man of courage, strength, dedication, and service to the community and his fellow officers.” The San Diego PD invited CrossFitters everywhere to join in honoring the memory of “JD” by participating in this memorial WOD about a month after his death in 2016.

The workout was:

  • 4 Rounds For Time (with a Partner)
  • 800 meter Run / 50 Wall Balls (20/14 lb)
  • 50 Burpees
  • 50 Pull-Ups

Partner A runs the 800m while Partner B completes 50 wall balls. After both partners finish their movement, both partners complete 50 alternating burpees. Once the burpees are completed, move to the pull ups and share the work as needed. Once the pull ups are completed, the partner who ran first moves to the wall balls while the other runs. Alternate each round.

Buds and Monkey partnered up, and Yessa and I were a team.

Muggy heat has shown up down here and for the first time at this CrossFit when we walked in for our class as the first class was finishing up I thought, “Wow, these people do not look like they are having fun.”

It was long and it was hot and it was tough.

It was easily the longest workout the girls have ever done. They had to dig deep, and they did well. Buds and I were grateful to have them as partners.

I’m grateful we found a CrossFit locally that welcomes and values our whole family. It makes a big difference.