A New Thanksgiving Tradition?

A New Thanksgiving Tradition?

We had our fourth Thanksgiving meal today, and the story of the joyful together time of that will come soon, but this post is about a funny thing that happened.

A little over two years ago, my brother George paid Buster a handsome sum of money to cut his hair. That full post may be read here.

Buster’s hair is even longer now than it was then.

Knowing we’d be seeing Uncle George for Thanksgiving, he’d been pondering if another haircutting deal might be struck.

I wasn’t part of the negotiations this time, but I confirmed that Buster was making a decision he felt comfortable with, and that Teresa was okay with us adding a bit of a sideshow to a beautiful, delicious Thanksgiving dinner.

Let the shenanigans commence:

Final long-haired snuggles.


We laughed hysterically when we realized he was wearing the same t-shirt from his “Sponsored By Uncle George” haircut from two years ago.

Uncle George suggested he use some of his money to buy a new t-shirt. 🤣

He combed it well. Very flowy locks.

For those who might not understand, having a sensitive scalp can be sheer torture. (Pun intended.) It is no longer an issue for me, but when I was a child, having my hair combed could bring me to tears. It was incredibly painful to have my hair cut or combed. I swear the stylist Mom took us to used rusty scissors that yanked the hair from my head instead of cutting it.

That’s why it matters to me that Buster have control over his own hair, and that we’re trying to be as respectful and kind as possible during the haircutting process.

Our whole family of five gathered on the deck to support him and laugh with him.

Niece Pam had a hankering to do a little haircutting and kindly offered to help, and Buds has many years of clipper experience. Between the two of them they put together a really well-done haircut.

Jeremy generously shared his clippers, Teresa let us use some super sharp scissors, Uncle George helped provide comedic relief, and the rest of the family popped in and out to check on our progress. It turned out to be a lot of fun for all of us, and only slight torture for Buster.

And he’s suddenly much richer.

Thanks, Uncle George!

He said his shower felt strange, but it will quickly feel natural.

Monkey began to plant the idea that she’d cut her hair for some financial compassion.

Uncle George offered her a job for next summer instead.

She’s still considering her options.

Family…I wouldn’t change a thing.

Goodbye for now, sweet strawberry-blond curls.