Master Bathroom Day 8

Master Bathroom Day 8

Weston took two days off for Thanksgiving, but he was back to it today. There was much work, but it doesn’t always show.

He picked up our Ikea cabinets, helped us confirm bathroom items for the kids’ bathrooms, and made giant leaps in waterproofing.

Toilet water time is ready. My dad plumbed our toilet to hot water once, which was mildly pleasant for a bit. He quickly corrected his error.

Buds and I trekked to Home Depot to pick out the paint color (Sunflower Seed), grout sealer recommended by Jenny and Brendan since an easy to clean bathroom is my ultimate goal, and stain for the new doors.

Above is the metal print we used as a focal planning point for the bathroom. Tough to tell, but there is a dragonfly sitting on the turtle’s shell. Buds is the turtle, Ginnie is the dragonfly.

Being decoratively challenged, we find it best to pick a theme and hold on to it until the bloody death.

Up soon–tile!!