Photographic Evidence

Photographic Evidence

Two photos of me showed up on Facebook recently, and reminded me of an important lesson.

My friend Shatona posted a photo from her daughter’s wedding:

Sheridan’s Wedding

I didn’t think I looked very good in this photo. Buds has on his same sweet smile, and I love being in pictures with him, but I felt “meh” about me.

And then all sorts of lovely, loving comments and “pings” from friends and family poured in. All these people are folks I like and trust. So I tried to look at the photo with fresh eyes.

A happy, loving couple in the photo, spending the afternoon celebrating the beginning of a new marriage, surrounded by joy and excitement and love.

Yes, this is a photo to like.

Then a few days later, friends posted a wedding photo in honor of their 25th anniversary.

C + K’s wedding

The bride mentioned that she knew I didn’t like this photo, but she hoped I didn’t mind her posting it.

1) I certainly didn’t remember that I didn’t like it. (And what a jerk I must have been that the BRIDE knew I didn’t like it.)

2) These were two of my favorite people from college. I was around when their relationship began. How honored I was to be in their wedding with lots of other people I loved. Why would I not savor seeing this photo?

3) The dress I’m wearing was made by my Dear Schmilly. Schmilly’s gone now, and any reminders of her are a blessing.

4) The bride and groom in the photo hold a very special place in my heart for another reason. They had a pair of movie tickets given to them as a wedding gift, and they weren’t going to be able to use them before they expired. So they gave them to me.

Those movie tickets are the hook I used when I called Buds and asked him out on our first date.

“I have these movie tickets that are going to expire, so I wondered if you would want to go to a movie with me.” (Sounds goofy now, seemed smooth then.)

5) And finally, I love the young woman I am in this picture. I’m grateful for that time in my life.

Not like this photo? I’d be crazy not to adore it.

Or as I replied to Carla’s comment about me not liking it, “Time has taught me to be kinder to myself and the world.”