A Wedding Weekend

A Wedding Weekend

We had our first guests stay in our renovated basement space. It isn’t fully ready yet, but they were here for a very special reason, it worked just fine for their needs, and we were so happy to have them stay with us.

Our friends, Shatona and Jeff’s daughter was getting married, and the groom and his mom stayed in the basement space.

So many items to process around this whole weekend event:

1) Shatona and Jeff were married on the same date we were, 23 years ago this summer. They, on the other hand, did not wait 7 years to have children as we did.

2) The bride and groom were 15 years old when they met. (Our eldest is 15.)

3) The bride and groom, who graduated from undergrad last weekend, are just slightly younger than we were when we were married.

4) The groom was so emotional during the wedding I wanted to run up and hug him. Such a sweet, kind, generous, loving soul. Thank goodness the bride had a few jokes sprinkled into her vows or we would have all been sobbing. (Okay, I was sobbing. Buds maybe got a tiny tear.)

5) Loving families make me happy. Walking around after the ceremony talking to the family and friends gathered there to celebrate this splendid new family; it made my heart swell with so much joy.

Shatona shared a conversation with me a few weeks ago that I’ve been mulling over. A friend said something to her about “losing her daughter” at such a young age with this marriage. Shatona replied that she was actually so excited about gaining another son. She’d always wanted three children, and now she would have three.

What a splendid perspective.

I’ve gotta start wearing heels.
So happy for this dear family.

Here’s to a joy-filled life for the new wife and husband, and it makes me smile that our basement has been inaugurated with such a delightful beginning.