Italy Trip - Day 47 - Let's Go To The Beach!

Italy Trip - Day 47 - Let's Go To The Beach!

We were driving from Agrigento to our Agriturismo, and our host from the gorgeous apartment had told us a splendid beach where we could easily stop and spend a few decadent hours in the water.

We had to hunt up a pharmacy to purchase sunscreen, but it was worth the effort to find one, and then to hunt up the beach.

The beach was free, we had it mostly to ourselves, and the one restaurant that was open right on the beach was staffed by friendly folks with good food, and it gave us plenty of time to visit. I’ve already written a post about one of our conversations while we were at the beach.




Buds trekked around at the beach much more than the rest of us, and found some superb white limestone rocks that created a perfect natural beach. This “Sicily Compilation” video shows everything from part of our ferry ride and the train being loaded on the ferry to our time at the beach.