Funny Yessa Moments

Funny Yessa Moments

Yessa and I were listening to the radio, which we seldom do, choosing Pandora instead. But for whatever reason we had the radio on.

We heard a song that Yessa really liked and she said, “Mom, can you go back to that song? I want to hear it again.”

I explained that there wasn’t a way to get back to the song. It was like when we watched television at Grandma Iowa’s house. We couldn’t rewind back to the same story. The TV just decides what to play.

She gave me a very long look and then said, “Mommy, are you for real?”

For real?!

And another Yessa moment actually reflects quite poorly on me, but I’ll still record it for journalistic integrity.

I tend to be a lippy driver. I have toned it down a great deal since having children, but sometimes it is still difficult for me.

I may have just happened to briefly use a pejorative when referring to a female driver who caused me frustration. The word is accurately used to describe a female of the dog variety.

Always being honest with the children, when they piped up with, “What did you say, Mom?” Or, in the case of Zoe, who is quick to reprimand me when I’m naughty, “Mom!”

After I apologized and explained, and said the word again so they could hear it clearly, and explained why it was not a good choice of words, and examples of other things I could have said, I could hear Yessa, and see her in the rear-view mirror, rolling the curse word around in her mouth like a fine caramel that she was savoring.

Ahhh, parenting guilt combined with laughter. A delicious combination…