Clothes Purge

Clothes Purge

Yessa and I finally settled in to go through her clothes.

This sweet child has definite preferences for certain types of clothes. She always wears pants, even under a dress. The clothes have to feel and look a certain way. She tends to find a particular item or two and cling to those for as long as propriety and leg movement will allow.

Remember the fishy swimming suit?

It was a dress up outfit.
Oh, yes! It could also be worn as a swimming suit on the beach…in Costa Rica!

She loved these shoes:

Shoe self-portrait
This princess pajama shirt was worn everywhere, all the time, for months!
Princess pajamas, also good for rockin’.
These shoes finally broke, but they provided many hours of wearage.
These shorts were the go-to pants for a very long time. If she wore them now, she wouldn’t be able to walk.
Monkey’s original rain coat–a share from Gina, oh, so many years ago.

When I saw the raincoat, I always thought of our vacation on the Outer Banks with Aunt A and Uncle Z, back when Zoe was the only grandchild.

Aunt A and Monkey in the rain.
Here’s The Buster in the coat at Pumpkin Glow Night at Great Country Farms a couple years ago. Yessa is also wearing a coat from Gina, and a dress from Jenny. I love my friends!
We’re at a magic show at church in this picture. She’s wearing her heart pajamas.

Luckily, Kate and Betty have been so kind in sharing many clothes and shoes with Yessa over the years. Having an abundance of new clothes to choose from has made it much easier for her to pass things along.

Here are the items we recently decided to pass along.

This red dress was made by Grandma Vermont with fabric Monkey picked. It was very much loved! Hero is wearing Zoe’s flower girl dress for Aunt Ami and Uncle Jim’s wedding in this picture. Another dress that saw much wear.
The dress is even too small for Yessa now.
Didn’t see much wear, but Yessa loved how this shirt looked.
The purple Tinkerbell nightgown, from Beloved Ms. Jenny, was another outfit that was worn everywhere, day after day after day.
The Princess Dress my dad brought home from Target for Zoe many, many years ago. Can’t believe he’s been gone for 6+ years…
I wish she could remember more of my dad. Many positive feelings around his memory for her, though. And she knows he always got her apple juice whenever she wanted…and as much as she wanted…
Frilly socks Monkey wore for Aunt Ami and Uncle Jim’s wedding. Too small for both girls now, but I love having a memory of that magical day.
Beloved purple skirt. From you, Gina? Maybe a Kelly and Paula donation?
A gift from Sir Brendan on one of his advance scouting trips to China.

Yessa finding the floor of her closet.
Kate and Bets shared two of these shirts, and they both have gotten tons of wear.
Close up of a hand-made dress Mom brought back from one of her mission trips to Mexico for Monkey. It was so comfy and cool.
The fruits of our labor.
A gift from Best Babysitter Jessica

This picture reminds me why I love remembering where clothes have come from. I look at the Buster and the Monkey’s laughing faces in these pictures, both wearing clothes from people who love them, and it’s just good feelings all around.

An awesome sundress my mom bought for Monkey, or maybe it was Aunt Rebecca? Uh, oh, memory fail.