We're Going On A Tree Hunt

We're Going On A Tree Hunt

It’s been nearly three months ago now, but we did go out on a Christmas tree quest with Uncle Z and Aunt A and crew, and it was a great time, so I’d like us to remember it in years to come.

One of my favorite aspects of the day was that it was The Day Of “O,” meaning Cousin O spent the whole day with us, then we went to get our Christmas trees together as the ending to the day. It was awesome!

Dad had many suggestions for potential trees.

The children ignored all of his ideas.

We could lloooovvveee this tree, says Dad.

It was a cold, gray day, so though we took our time finding the right tree, we quickly got over the original vision of finding the “perfect” tree.

We searched near and far…
Monkey with saw, ready to drop any tree in her path.

We did find the infamous yet elusive candy cane tree, which helped the littles pass the time.

Please, please, please let me cut something down!
Okay, this is the one!

Guess where the chosen tree was finally found?

Right in front of our car.

After a stop at a coffee shop to warm up and have some snacks, home we went with our piney friend on the roof.

Home for some decorating and Christmas Carols.

I love that the children are old enough to truly take care of the tree decorating.
Thank you, Wonderful Tree, for making our holiday better.
Besides child-created ornaments, this little fireplace is my favorite Christmas decoration. The kids convinced me to leave it out year-round. How wise they are.