A Tale of 3 Christmases

A Tale of 3 Christmases

Due to the Vermont Adventures that Chris and the children undertook, we needed to have Christmas spread out over several events.

Our family gift was the trip the kids and I took to Florida to hang with the crew there. That trip will be highlighted in another post.

For the first Christmas with presents to unwrap, we skyped with my mom so she could watch the children open her presents. She buys her gifts throughout the year, whenever she sees something she thinks will be a good fit for a child, so it’s always fun to see what she’s discovered this year.

Watching with love and excitement.
Some crafting in Zoe’s future.
Lego Academy!
Zachy’s in love with his new sweatshirt.

The next Christmas gathering happened at Aunt A and Uncle Z’s with cousins. Nonni and Poppi were visiting from VT, too, so it was extra fun.

A butterfly is born.
She makes a lovely butterfly.
Monkey opens a new rope ladder for Minidoah!
A Minecraft Sword: Holiday Gift Perfection
A happy little warrior
We can’t wait for summer to try out the ladder.

On another day, as another piece of their gift from Aunt A, Uncle Z, and cousins, Nonni and I took all the girl cousins in Virginia to see “A Little House Christmas” at The Adventure Theater. Everyone had a wonderful time and loved the show.

Waiting for the show.

Finally, my crew headed to Vermont for a Christmas celebration there. Though the specifics are sketchy, I know a fantastic time was had by all. There was sledding, ice skating, sewing, playing of Jurassic Park, and snow shoeing. And they all loved the soothing warmth of the wood burning stove in the living room at Nonni and Poppi’s.

Most importantly, they got to meet the sweetest new addition to the Cousin Tribe: Juliette Noelle.

Loads of snow made for a great time.
Red hair, pink cheeks, big smile.

My Favorite Christmas Present
Buds made sure to get some WODs in while he was away.

More sledding adventures.

Lots of Christmas puzzle pieces fit together to make a fantastic holiday season.