Discovery Museum With Dad

Discovery Museum With Dad

After we celebrated Thanksgiving with Cousins, we still had one more night in The Valley before we left on our trek to Atlanta. The children decided they wanted to show the Discovery Museum in Winchester to their Dad, so we spent our afternoon there.

As is always the case, having Buddie along makes everything better.

We took a family nap in the long house to see how it would have been. It was much like our nights at Williams for Buds’ 20th Reunion.
All dressed up and no place to go.
The burned out canoe.
The roller coaster room
Piecing the bones together.
A new hat
Hats for everyone.
Looks a little space-age.
Little Popsicle House On The Prairie
Totally off-topic, but this is the new floor Mia and I put in in the Loft Room.
Pictures Chloe and Noa made on the Work Weekend.
Showing Dad the giant peg board.


Another wonderful day in The Valley.

Editor’s Note: I’m realizing that this post will make it into the children’s “Blooper Reel” someday. Can you tell why?