Thanksgiving in The Valley

Thanksgiving in The Valley

We had the huge pleasure of hosting Z and A and Crew in The Valley for Thanksgiving this year, and it was fantastic. It was also a little bittersweet because one of the other partner couples used to always host a big group of family and friends for Thanksgiving, and the husband was not well enough for them to do that this year. He passed away right before Christmas this year, but at Thanksgiving, I was holding them close to my heart and attempting to bring the same love, if not the same elegance that the wife always brought their gatherings. She organized events professionally, and I believe getting a table cloth on a table is an event, so our skills lie in different areas, but we share a common bond of fierce love for family and friends, and that is what I tried to honor.

Anyway, it was so fun to be out in the valley with some of our favorite people.

Again, since I’m writing this 6 weeks after Thanksgiving, I’m going to let pictures present the story.

We went out on Wednesday night to get all settled in to welcome our visitors the next day.
Playing and laughing.
Everyone loves the tree house: Minidoah.
The weather was beautiful!
Games on the porch.
Getting ready for meal creation!
Creating whole worlds.
A shocking bounty.
Quiet time together.
Aunt A brought some fun crafty kits.
Uncle Z mixes some Pom Wonderful drinks for the adults.
Everybody loves a roasty, toasty fire.
Our doodlebug by the firelight.
Snuggle time by the fire.
Sweet girl
Brotherly love and laughter
Cowboy and pony
The first time in the hammock at Minidoah.

While Monkey and I hung out at the house and she sat in the hammock, Aunt A, Buds, and Uncle Z, took the rest of the gang for a hike up a hill at the back of the house. They ran into a patch of cacti, and it was a haul and a half, but they conquered it! Aunt A and Buds were true heroes.

We waited until Friday to have our Thanksgiving dinner to keep things low stress since the cousins didn’t come over until Thursday. It was so fun to have the whole day to relax and cook together.

The roasted turkey
Slice and dice
Chef A.
Kids dined first. Notice the table cloth.
A little game time at night.
More laughter.
Aunt A and I got to put together a whole puzzle!
How ’bout this!

Even if we don’t make this a tradition, I’m so glad we shared this celebration.