Spain 2024-Day 14-Valencia To Córdoba

Spain 2024-Day 14-Valencia To Córdoba
Street art

With a little sadness, we walked around in Valencia early this morning, discovering more new areas. We have grown to appreciate this city.

La Estrecha (Narrow One) house was a 10 minute walk. One hundred seven centimeters wide, this is one of the narrowest homes in Europe.

Buddie's shoulders barely fit.

Six floors of skinny.

A stop for a decent cappuccino and a blueberry muffin that tasted just like the ones we get at Aldi's, and the discovery of an elevated park shaped like a ship, made for a good start to the day.

The stylized ship's captain steering the ship.
A swing past the bull ring.
Packed up and ready to exit the coolest apartment so far.

We're taking the train to Córdoba, sitting in first class. It's our first time on a high speed train, and it's lovely.

There's a white North American couple behind us, discussing potential property purchase. The man has a deep, gravely voice, perfect for radio, so his words carry right into my ears easily.

Seats that recline, a tray to hold our drinks and work, and great big windows.

Never had a coffee call button before!

It's going to be hot in Córdoba. And we're headed into smaller cities for the rest of the trip.

What will we like best?

Valencia is in the lead so far.

Once we landed in Córdoba, we stopped on the way to our new home for lunch. A kind Venezuelan couple explained the options to us and served it up.

Park art

After we settled in at the apartment, Buddie worked for many hours on a Juice issue, and then, mentally and emotionally exhausted, he mustered so that we could go out for an evening with a beautiful dinner and exploring.

We came upon a restaurant that seemed to be filled up, but had open tables. When we asked a waiter if we could sit, he asked if we were there for cena, dinner, and when we affirmed, he sat us at a beautiful table in the courtyard, able to watch everyone and far enough out of range of the cigarette smoker next to us.

After we had time to sit and understand, we realized the crowd of people and the people waiting in line, just out of the picture on the right, were there for the snail fest. You can see the pictures of the different snail options on the sign in the picture above. It's snail season here, so a limited time to slurp them up.

Snail season kicks off in Spain’s Córdoba
Córdoba, Spain, Feb 25 (EFE). (Camera: Miguel Ángel Salas).- The snail season has kicked off in Córdoba, southern Spain, with a total of 35 stands located in the city’s squares and streets until June 19. The tradition started back in the mid-60s. FOOTAGE OF SNAIL STALLS IN THE CITY OF CÓRDOBA, SPAIN…

We enjoyed large shared tapas, and tried Vermouth for the first time.

Looks like coke, doesn't taste like it.

After a delightful meal, we walked along the river and reveled in the beauty.

A choir performance.
Night light.
Crowds of people out enjoying the time together.

Then home to sleep.