Spain 2024-Córdoba Habitación

Spain 2024-Córdoba Habitación

Again we're staying in a room within a home with other people.

The owners are very nice, and the husband is an artist, so the home is filled with his art.

Twin beds. 😝
Our private bathroom.
The gorgeous shared courtyard.

There is one other couple staying here, in addition to the owners. They sound French and don't send the friendly vibes the Australian Amanda did in our first shared accommodations.

That's okay. Hopefully they are having a good time, too.

The view from our room.

The clay pots and blues and green, growing plants. It's all so beautiful and peaceful.

A home filled with books is a joy forever.
Benito's art

We're here until Monday, then on to Toledo for the end of the trip.

Sunny skies ahead.