Spain 2024-Funny Brain

Spain 2024-Funny Brain

I've been studying my Spanish diligently and trying to use it in social situations. As is typical in language acquisition, I understand more than I can say.

My brain is working so hard, yet often so slowly, to process. It takes full body concentration to interpret the words using my Spanish language knowledge, pues tambien using facial expression, finger pointing, and pantomime.

For example at the cafe this morning I had to figure out that yes, we could sit outside and order breakfast, but the pan wasn't finished baking yet so we couldn't get the toast we planned on ordering, only the already baked pastries.

I laughed at myself at the train station because I was so mentally geared up to decipher a string of Spanish words from the conductor checking our tickets that when she only asked a one word question, "Granada?" confirming the city we were headed for, it took me several seconds to respond.

This trip has been great because there have been places where there's no English spoken, and the people have been so generous with their patience and kindness and willingness to help us figure things out.

And I have learned, "Disfruto mucho el buen tiempo."

I really enjoy good weather.

Es la verdad.

That's the truth.