Yessa Goes To Italy- The Coliseum- Day 2

Yessa Goes To Italy- The Coliseum- Day 2
Nice sweatshirt, Bets. 😍😍

She said she had the best sleep of her life when she texted me on this first full day in Italy.

They grabbed some food on their way to their Coliseum tour, and Kel helped Yessa find a spot where they would make her a veggie sandwich. Yessa said it was delicious.

She really liked the tour guide they had, and she liked that they had individual hearing sets so they could hear the guide well, despite the crowds. Their group was also able to go down below in the Coliseum, which we had not be able to do when we were there.

The Coliseum was built in 8-10 years, which is stunning. And to see pictures of all the ways it was used and the sunshades they would pull over the top is fascinating, too.

Blurry photo, but they would flood the coliseum for "sea battles."
Paula got this amazing shot.

Yessa said the weather has been perfect. Sunny and not too hot.

I got to chat with these goofballs while they were waiting between sections.

Yessa was showing me pictures on Betty's digital camera.

What an amazing, funny world we live in. I'm 4000 miles away, talking to my kiddo 5 hours in the future, while she shows me magical pictures on a digital camera. Mind blowing...

Yessa had a delicious pasta lunch she was so happy with. "It was salted perfectly," she said to Buds and me.

And the day also held gelato and sushi for dinner.

They also toured a church and saw much more of the archeological park and ruins around the Coliseum. It was another full, delicious day.