Buds and I Do A Tiny DIY Activity

Buds and I Do A Tiny DIY Activity
Scrubbing comes first.

We aren't really DIY people. We will try, but Buds gets tired of it quickly, and I like to have his company when I am doing it, so there's a consistent push-pull to get things done quickly.

We had a success today, and we like to celebrate those.

The shower caulk was getting icky in spots, and I wanted it to be cleaned up before we have our visitors for the eclipse. In addition, Yessa is our longest, most frequent shower taker, so with her out of the country, the timing was perfect to fix the caulk and give it 24 hours to cure.

Little spots of icky black! 😒

We cleaned out the shower, stripped out the caulk, laid out the painters tape to make it easy for the novices to keep the caulk in the right place, and splooted it on there.

There was a small hiccup when I was getting ready to cut the tip off the caulk tube I had purchased and realized it was clear caulk, not white.

Dang it!

Off to our favorite hardware store...

All went smoothly after that.

Smooth it out.

The right tools, the right attitude, and ample time, we can get things done.