Yessa Goes To Italy- The Flight and The Rome Apartment- Day 1

Yessa Goes To Italy- The Flight and The Rome Apartment- Day 1

Other than the airline having a "system error," which meant Kel ended up sitting in a middle seat between strangers, it sounds like the flight felt pretty quick to Yessa although it doesn't sound like anyone slept.

Neck pillows on this flight! Seems like an improvement.

They spent a couple hours at a hotel by the airport so people could catch a nap since they couldn't get into their apartment in Rome until the afternoon.

When they got checked into the apartment, Yessa gave us a tour of the new home, and it is gorgeous. Right by the Spanish Steps, it looks beautiful and the location is fantastic.

The Trips headed out to explore soon after they got settled.

It's a beautiful sunny day.

They had a bus tour all around the city. (Bless Paula for immediately setting up a shared album so I can watch their adventures from a distance, and Yessa for sending me shots when she gets the chance.)

The bus tour map.

They went here for dinner: SACRED AND PROFANE TREVI

Besides being close to their apartment, the restaurant is in a deconsecrated church, and looks so beautiful.

Yessa said dinner was amazing.

Sounds like a pretty wonderful and full first day.